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Aug 25, 2013 11:00pm PDT
, why didn't they single out those of us who were actively involved in the civil rights struggle? >> probably no admonition of jesus has been more difficult to follow than the command to love your enemy. >> reporter: it was perhaps the most dastardly act. it came when george wallis was railing against segregation. >> i say segregation, now, segregation tomorrow, and segregation forever. >> reporter: it was a time when the ku-klux-klan demonstrated and openly. 16th street baptist church was the protest headquarters. even children were involved in the demonstrations, many of them arrested. another suspect died before he was charged. that leaves two suspects, fellow klans man clampton and cherry still alive. they were to be tried together but a judge last week ruled that the 71-year-old cherry was not mentally competent to assist his attorneys and might never be tried. only blanton will now be tried. they reportedly have a mystery witness and others who will implicate blanton. times they say have changed in birmingham. >> i don't think the people fear that if they get up there someb
Aug 11, 2013 11:00pm PDT
anniversary of the industrial revelation. it was in 1913 that henry ford began using the assembly line to manufacture the model t. in 2000, bob mackenzie lookedded at the significance -- looked at the significance of that change. >> reporter: maneuvering your horse and buggy down market street was not easy. of course you had to be rich to own an automobile which didn't add to their popularity with everyone else. as the second decade took place, the auto owned the streets but it was still only the rich that owned them. henry ford changed all that. instead of making cars one at a time, the ford factory mass produced them with an idea called the assembly line. each worker did the same job over and over enabled the plant tocrank out a new car every 15 minutes. at last, the ford could take the roads. northern californians could climb the mountain to yosemite. people who did not have a week to hike up the hills could weekend in a natural paradise. getting wheels was almost like getting wings. the more cars we did, the more business we did and the more business we did. the more cars we could buy
Aug 4, 2013 11:00pm PDT
where hot august nights began in 2006. george watson brought us this look back at the place that calls itself the little city on top of the world. >> reporter: reno has always been a place of commerce. but the under opinions of its allure has been as unorthodox of any city in america. led into maturity by gambling, no city has ever had a saga of survivor like the biggest little city in the world. 150 years ago, miron lake was charging horse and rider the outrageous fee of 50-cents. rake wisely made a pack with charles crocker. land went to crocker and offered him 400 acres of prime land if crocker would agree to build his new new depo in the town of small lander. but renamed it reno. the town now named reno was surprisingly would not find prosperity directly from gold or silver. the town was a hub catering for teamsters or gamblers all passing through on their way to the mines. incorporated as a city in 1893, reno was the rail center for the central pacific railroad. nobody knew prosperity was right around the corner. that was an empty promise for most of the country during the -- duri
Aug 18, 2013 11:00pm PDT
president ferdinand blanco orchestrated his killing. here is the report that claude nann brought us on that day nearly 30 years ago. >>> hundreds of akino supporters were waiting at the airport to welcome him home. security appeared to be tight. during those last minutes aboard the plane, akino said he was racing against time. that he must convince demarco to bring democracy back to the philippines. he was wearing a bullet-proof vest. >> my view, we all have to die sometime. we may die from an assassin's bullet. >> reporter: as exited the plane, security officers escorted akino. moments later the shooting started. the government say it is three officers were escorting akino when an unidentified assassin dressed as a maintenance man pulled out a pistol. the mortally wounded akino was rushed to an army hospital and pronounced dead from a single bullet to his head. there was pandemonium as word of the death spread through the crowd. within hours president marcos issued a strong statement. it's too early to say how his murder is going to affect the outcome. >> during the confusion, seve
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4